Products - Virginia

 Products - Virginia

Utility Sales Associates, Inc. is a manufacturer's representative company serving the utility industries in the states of Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, the District of Columbia, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey.

Listed below are the manufacturers we represent in Virginia.

Representatives for this area

Matt Fraser

Matt Fraser

Email :
Phone : (804) 639-3050
Elliott Erbe

Elliott Erbe

Email :
Phone : (757) 404-2025

3M       Website

The 3M™ Dynatel™ Family provides leading products for accurate marking and locating of critical buried network features. Included are sophisticated systems that allow programming of identifying features into intelligent markers using RFID technology, and interfaces with GPS/GIS systems for accurate mapping.

  • EMS markers
  • Pipe and Cable Locators

Classic Connectors
Classic Connectors       Website

NACCI focuses on innovative products that address the current and intermediate needs of the transmission and distribution electric power industry in the USA and Canada. We focus on designs that are new, innovative, and address these needs to satisfy the market as well as provide system reliability. Our designs are unique and the solution addresses the market’s need in a manner not yet seen.

  • ClampStar (TM) Bypass Connector

Conduit Repair Systems
Conduit Repair Systems       Website

Conduit Repair Systems, Inc. (CRS) manufactures split-duct conduit and other related split conduit products. CRS's products are specifically designed for Electrical, Cable TV, and Fiber Optic applications. CRS's split conduit and other products demonstrate superior impact strength and ultraviolet resistance while protecting cables or fiber optics from weathering.

  • PVC Split Duct Repair System

DCD Design & Manufacturing
DCD Design & Manufacturing       Website

At DCD Design & Manufacturing Ltd., we produce high quality Cable Installation, Directional Drilling, and Overhead Line Stringing Tools. DCD Design is driven by our customers' needs and by our own commitment to service those customers.

  • Cable Installation Tools
  • Duct Rodders

Durham       Website

Durham Company specializes in the manufacturing of Meter Sockets, Socket/Breaker and Switch Combinations, Metering Enclosures, Test Switches, Pad Mounted Enclosures and Instrument Transformers.

  • 600V IT's
  • Cabinets
  • Sockets
  • Test Switches

Electri-Glass       Website

For more than 36 years, ELECTRI-GLASS has built a reputation producing strong, durable products for the underground electrical distribution industry. Our commitment to you, our customer, is to continue to provide the best in materials, design and workmanship.

  • Fiberglass Box Pads
  • Ground Sleeves

Formex Manufacturing
Formex Manufacturing       Website

Formex® Manufacturing, Inc. began thermoforming quality plastic products in 1961. Our proprietary lines include 32 sizes of dock floats for the marine industry, various models of transformer pads, duct spacers, duct terminators and bore spacers for the utility market. In addition, Formex® Manufacturing, Inc. is a heavy gauge, custom thermoformer with the following capabilities: twin sheet forming with encapsulation, pressure forming (twin or single sheet), and all types of conventional single sheet vacuum forming techniques.

  • Spacers
  • Transformer Pads

G&W Electric Co.
G&W Electric Co.       Website

G&W Electric has been a global leader in providing innovative solutions to the electric power industry since 1905. Our product offerings include load and fault interrupting switchgear, automatic circuit reclosers, SCADA and distribution automation products, cable terminations, cable joints and high current limiting system protection devices. Combining cutting-edge design and manufacturing technology with world-class ISO certified quality systems, we specialize in custom solutions to meet specific customer requirements. We look forward to working with you.

  • Cable Terminations
  • MV Switches
  • Reclosers

Grid Sentry
Grid Sentry       Website

Grid Sentry has developed and deployed a state-of-the-art Smart Grid Sensor Platform "Smart" Electric Line Sensor
that give electric utilities situational awareness of assets and provide actionable data.

  • Smart Grid Sensor Platform

Hendrix Aerial Cable Systems
Hendrix Aerial Cable Systems       Website

Aerial Cable Systems Distribution systems around the world face 3 critical threats: outdated thinking, legacy infrastructure, and intensifying storm activity. Hendrix combines a new generation of high performance products with super-responsive service and advanced engineering to answer the challenge.

  • Spacer Cables

Hendrix Molded Products
Hendrix Molded Products       Website

Molded Products Hendrix HPI insulators exhibit superior electrical and mechanical characteristics as compared to wet process porcelain. They are also light weight, vandal resistant, won't chip, crack or break, and are field proven in harsh environments on all seven continents.

  • Composite Insulators

High Voltage Inc
High Voltage Inc       Website

High Voltage, Inc. specializes in the design and manufacture of high voltage test equipment used worldwide by utilities, testing service companies, electrical contractors, large industrials, and electrical apparatus OEMs. HVI produces the most technically advanced, most portable, and easiest to use products for high voltage proof, diagnostic evaluation, and preventive maintenance testing of electrical substation apparatus, aerial lifts, power cable, and other products designed to operate under medium or high voltage conditions.

  • High Voltage Test Equipment
  • Thumpers

IFD, Inc.
IFD, Inc.       Website

IFD Corporation was formed to develop, with utility partners, a reliable low cost sensor that would be suitable for detection and indication of internal arcing faults in distribution transformers. In 2002 we shipped our first sensor to a utility customer. Today, customers in Canada, the USA and around the world use and have come to trust our reliable technology. Our team development approach with innovative industry partners has delivered a practical solution for the distribution system of today’s, and tomorrow’s utilities.

  • Internal Fault Detector for Distribution XFMR’s

ILPEA Industries, Inc.
ILPEA Industries, Inc.       Website

ILPEA Industries was founded in 1978 by Andrew Holm, an entrepreneur interested in producing custom plastic extrusions for the appliance and construction industries. ILPEAs first customer was Maytag. Since that time, ILPEA has undergone many changes and very significant growth, but the mission has remained unchanged.

  • Corrugated Conduit
  • Guy Guards
  • U-Guard

ITEC       Website

ITEC is located in the Charlotte / Monroe area of North Carolina. The Company manufactures products for the electrical and electric utility industries in the United States and for export. ITEC is an original equipment manufacturer of instrument transformer products divided into two application areas; revenue metering and protective relaying. ITEC offers a broad variety of product designs well suited for voltage transformer and current transformer service areas. ITEC also offers various support and technical services relating to the application and in-service needs for instrument transformer products. The company is using highly cost competitive technology in all areas to produce products that are technologically competitive to others available in today's market.

  • Instrument Transformers

K-Line Insulators Limited
K-Line Insulators Limited       Website

Product lines manufactured by K-LINE INSULATORS include transmission and distribution suspension/deadend, line post and station post insulators. Other products include riser support insulators, dead-end extension insulators, polymer-coated guy strains and specialty insulators for in-line switches, air-break switches, interphase spacers, railways and live line tools. These insulators are designed to the various standards (i.e. CSA, CEA, ANSI, IEEE, IEC, etc.).

  • Polymer Insulators

Lewis Manufacturing
Lewis Manufacturing       Website

Lewis Manufacturing Company has been in business SINCE 1936. We strive to provide the highest quality American made products available. Our product lines continue to expand, and are tailored to meet the needs of the future. The products displayed on this website are some of our most popular, and are sure to please even in the toughest of applications.

  • Suspension Grips
  • Tarps
  • Wire Mesh Pulling Grips

Metalpol       Website

At METALPOL our mission is :To offer high-quality products along with excellent service and thus become our customers’ best option in the steel pole industry. To provide complete satisfaction to our clients and to our employees and their families. To maintain an efficient manufacturing process, thus enabling us to have competitive prices and a profitable operation.

  • Distribution and transmission
  • Steel poles for lighting

Mueller Electric
Mueller Electric       Website

Mueller Electric specializes in manufacturing high-quality standard and custom-made electric and electronic components such as clips, cables, cords, assemblies, test leads and accessories. In business since 1908, Mueller Electric is the inventor of the Alligator Clip and has been in  business since 1908.

  • Electric Hardware
  • Insulated Ground Clamp Assemblies
  • Test Leads

Novatech       Website

NovaTech is a world-class provider of automation and integration products and services to the SCADA and Substation Automation markets.

  • Communication Processors
  • Digital Panel Meters
  • IED’s
  • RTU's

Radian Research - WECO
Radian Research - WECO       Website

Radian Research, Inc. is a recognized world leader of Energy Reference Standards, Energy Meter Testing Systems, Current Transformer Testers, DC to AC Transfer Standards, and Automated Laboratory Energy Reference Systems. Radian provides both portable and primary energy reference standards that are absolutely unequaled in accuracy, stability and reliability. Radian customers typically consist of electric utility companies, energy meter manufacturers, energy meter test system manufacturers and national metrology institutes located throughout the world.

  • Meter Test Equipment
  • Reference Standards

SBB, Inc.
SBB, Inc.       Website

Since 1989, SBB has been designing & manufacturing Emergency Towers, called Emergency Restoration System (ERS). These towers are modular towers made of aluminium that can be quickly deployed to restore power on damaged transmission lines of up to 1200 kV. They are also used for temporary needs such as construction by-passes or temporary lines to remote locations.

  • Temporary Transmission Towers

Sensorlink       Website

SensorLink was founded in 1985 as an Engineering and Consulting firm, with the mission of providing engineering and research assistance to companies needing to improve their competitive edge using technology. In 1988, SensorLink was approached by a power utility with a request to develop a device that would eliminate the mechanical clamp from measurements of current. An inductive sensor was developed that used no magnetic materials and had no moving parts. The opening of the sensor is electronically closed and external currents are also electronically rejected. Accuracy, external current reject, and range of currents measured substantially exceed the best clamp-on sensors. The result is the patented sensor that is used in almost all SensorLink products. Today, thousands of SensorLink meters and recorders are in service worldwide.

  • Ammeters
  • High Voltage Voltmeters
  • Varcorders (VA Only)

Sunrise Technologies
Sunrise Technologies       Website

Sunrise Technologies an affiliate of Electro Switch Corp., markets products under several brand names:

  • Photocontrols for Outdoor Lighting

Tekron       Website

Tekron is a global leader in providing high precision GPS and atomic clock time keeping technologies and solutions that enable synchronisation of advanced networks and services. These solutions are used to provide critical timekeeping in national power grids, as well as other civilian and military networks. Our customers are predominantly power utility network operators, telecom networks and enterprises such as banking and petroleum.

  • NTP/PTP Timing Solutions for Substations

Telescada       Website

Monitor, Alarm, Record, Communicate and Control

  • Electric Hardware
  • Gas Hardware

Uticom Systems, Inc.
Uticom Systems, Inc.       Website

Uticom Systems Inc., short for utility communications, has been solving graphics for harsh environments for over 20 years, with my personal experience spanning 27 years working with small and large companies.

  • Decals
  • Labels
  • Signs
  • Specialty Graphics

Utility Solutions, Inc
Utility Solutions, Inc       Website

Utility Solutions is a designer and manufacturer of hot line tools and products for the electrical power industry. Founded in 1990 by engineers with broad electrical distribution experience, Utility Solutions has accumulated an impressive list of innovative and patented products that directly relate to a lineman’s job.

  • Hot Line Tools

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