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Vickie Cook

Vickie Cook

Email :
Phone : (804) 608-8080
Mobile : (804) 980-6734
Fax : (804) 608-8088

Vickie, a native of Powhatan County, VA, currently excels as the Inside Sales Manager with a tenure that extends back to 2001, Vickie brings a wealth of experience to her role, having honed her skills in customer service, inside sales, order management, and has acted in support of various projects within the local electrical utility market.

Renowned for her rapid adaptability, meticulous attention to detail, and proficiency in managing multiple tasks simultaneously, Vickie plays a pivotal role in our team. Her primary responsibilities encompass order processing, expediting orders, managing product pricing, and providing comprehensive sales support, ensuring that our operations run smoothly and efficiently.

Vickie’s personal life is rooted in Powhatan, VA, where she resides and contributes to the community. She is the proud parent of three adult children, further testament to her capacity for balancing professional dedication with personal commitments. Vickie’s enduring commitment to excellence and her substantial contributions to our company underscore her invaluable presence within our team.

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