Utility Sales Associates

Utility Sales Associates

Utility Sales Associates, Inc. is a manufacturer's representative company serving the utility industries in the states of Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, the District of Columbia, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey.

USA provides technically competent, hands-on, local representation for the manufacturers we represent. The markets we serve are unique and require a high level of technical expertise. Our sales staff has the key relationships and knowledge of the customer's requirements and specifications to get the job done!

Featured Product : Hendrix Aerial Cable Systems

Hendrix Aerial Cable Systems

The new way to handle aerial cable

Distribution systems around the world face 3 critical threats: obsolete thinking, legacy infrastructure, and intensifying storm activity. Hendrix combines a new generation of high performance products with super-responsive service and advanced engineering to answer the challenge. 

Service & engineering that shortens design time

Hendrix ACS puts capabilities in the field thatincrease the speed to design. We have the technology to capture and analyze all the data related to a problem and specify a solution with zero delay. Then we orchestrate the people, products and equipment to deliver a precise, seamless solution.

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